Wrestle Talk Radio 11-01-09

On the program this week, we talked about the signing of Hulk Hogan with TNA Wrestling, what it means for TNA and what it means for Hulk Hogan as well. Also we looked at WWE’s decision to book two Triple Threat Matches for their WWE Survivor Series Pay Per View. As well tonight we started our next Great Debate, crowning the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time.

Wrestle Talk Radio 10-25-09

On this week’s WTR, we covered the fallout from Bragging Rights from the Sixty Minute Iron Man Match between John Cena & Randy Orton to the World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way and the Battle for Bragging Rights between Team Raw and Team Smackdown. We also discussed what makes a good heel and what makes a good face and more on this week’s edition of WTR Sunday Night.

Wrestle Talk Radio 10-18-09

On the program this week, WTR covered the fallout from Bound For Glory from the battle between Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle against Matt Morgan and whether or not Sting walked out of Bound fo Glory once again TNA World Heavyweight Champion. We will also looked at the Shane McMahon’s decision to leave World Wrestling Entertainment and what it means for the companies future, as well as the passing of Captain Lou Albano. Also on the program the Great Debate Continues as we concluded our search for the Greatest Tag Team of all time.

CB Radio 10-17-09

On this week’s edition of CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by as always William McConnell and as well as Syndy Synn. Random News, Singing and The Spug Guy drunk dials the show. Plus the show ends with people taking shots. Join in all the fun on this week’s edition of CB Radio!

Target Practice 10-23-09

On this week’s edition of Target Practice: Mase talks with Crelly about WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2010, the removal of Golliwog’s from the new Noddy book being racially motivated, Fucked up versions of classic children’s fables, weight issues and ideals with a special call in from Anything Goes hostess Syndy Synn; and a few video game news items and comic events…. Plus Mase’s usual technical problems.

Target Practice 10-16-09

Target Practice, a show where anything can happen, even techinical glitches! Tonight Mase talks racism, dwarf races, The Cleveland Show, Brutal Legend and takes some phone calls. How much was record? Who knows. Thats the first edition of Target Practice

Anything Goes 10-22-09

This week on Anything Goes Daddy couldn’t join me due to a sore throat, So instead I had The one and only, The Omega join me! We played another segment of Know Your Knockers! The boys are getting close, the one who was the closest was our very own Mase, The favorite Aussie apparently. Omega and I ended up talking about sports believe it or not! If a guy should be expected to take it easy on a girl, or if she expected him to. Also to bring in one of the prodoucers on the network… We were talking about what kind of ice cream Rock should eat off my body.. Still haven’t decided yet but I’m working on it! All in all it was a fun show tune in next week to hear about MY favorite fetish!

Anything Goes 10-15-09

On Thursday Night, October 15th, it was the debut of Anything Goes with the Sinful Queen of WTRN, Syndy Synn.

Topics Included:

-Men The Weaker Sex

-Smooth or ? How do you like a Girl’s Pussy to Look?

-The Sexiest Piercing someone could have.

-What is your Favorite Fantasy?

-Whats the Weirdest Fetish you’ve seen or ever done?

Plus, The debut of Know Your Knockers, where you get to guess the size of Syndy’s boobs. Check out the debut edition of Anything Goes on the Wild Talk Radio Network!