Across The Field 06-25-09

June 25th, 2009:  This week on the show DL Havok & TK, discuss all of the latest Cleveland Sports News.  From the latest on the Indians to Shaq coming to the cavs, it was all discussed on this week’s edition of Across The Field.

Otaku Talk Live 06-23-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live, the crew took a look at the new Transformers Movie that came out at Midnight on Tuesday Night. Also the crew covered alot of random topics which inclued  Jurassic park, Puppets & More. Plus Omega gives a few stories from Metro Con, with more to come!

Screening Room 06-18-09

In a startling display of apptitude, gumption and sheer awesomeness Greg takes the reins of the show solo. With no cohost to bounce conversation off Greg monologues and rants between sets of music. One of the most original shows to date to be sure. Also, much more structured than any of the previous summer shows to date. Sit, Listen, Enjoy.

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-21-09

Wrestle Talk Radio went down under as the Aussies took over to cover TNA Slammiversary. Mase & Nick broke down match by match and gave their thoughts and opinions on the entire show as a whole. Also WTR tried out a new game, where you can win a DVD from us. So check it all out, as Wrestle Talk Radio Goes Down Under to cover TNA Wrestling!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 06-20-09

This past Saturday Night,  Sir Rockin & Big Daddy Ace returned to the airwaves to catch everyone on the recent events going on with Big Daddy Ace.   Also on the program, the CB Radio crew covered some interesting stories along with taking your phone calls and questions in the chat.  Join us every Saturday Night and interact with us in the chat room or via the FU Line, which you can call at anytime at 267-297-1397.

Across The Field 06-18-09

June 18th, 2009:  With Spug running late, DL Havok was joined by TK, formerly of TK’s Tirade to talk about the latest goings on in the world of the Cleveland Indians. When the Spug Guy did show up, he got in to a heated debate with DL Havok about Donte Stallworth. Check out all of the exciting talk and debate on this week’s edition of Across The Field!

Otaku Talk Live 06-16-09

With The Spug Guy unavailable,  Omega was joined by Cigarette Butts & Bandanas William McConnell to talk about all of the latest in the world of geek. Topics on the show included, E3, Mega Man,  Punch Out, The Mee and More! Plus, Running The Ropes Maveric fills in for Omega when his connection goes south. So check out this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live with Omega, Will & Maveric.

Across The Field 06-11-09

June 11th, 2009: The ATF Boys are back this week at a special start time of 8:30. Spug joined in for the first segment from his car, this time by choice. The guys talked Cavs, and the NBA Finals, NASCAR, MLB and much much more. Tune each thursdays at 6:00 pm est for the show live right here on the wild talk radio network.

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-14-09 Rob Van Dam Interview!

This Past Sunday Night, The Spug Guy & The Omega were joined by the “Whole Fn’ Show” Rob Van Dam, to discuss his past in ECW & WWE, along with his love of comics, his stance on the legalization of marijuana & a bunch of other topics, in an almost One Hour Interview.

Also on the program, The Spug Guy & The Omega took a look at this Monday Night’s Raw, Vickie Guerrero leaving the WWE & More! Plus The Spug Guy responds to comments made about WTR this past weekend on another radio show.

Its Wrestle Talk Radio, with The Spug Guy, The Omega & The Whole Fn’ Show!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 06-13-09

This past Saturday Night, the entire gang showed up… Sorta.  Sir Rockin and William McConnell called out to one of the hosts, Big Daddy Ace, who was at a party, which provided some interesting moments when one drunk chick took the phone and tried to talk live on the air. Then they got an update from The “Godfather of Extreme” Rob Parks of his adventures in Florida and how bad things have been since he has left Georgia. So check out this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas with William McConnell, Sir Rockin, Big Daddy Ace & Rob Parks.