RAW Post Show 12-16-13

On tonight’s edition of the RAW Post Show, join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate impacts, thoughts and feelings on 3+ hours of the post-TLC edition of Monday Night RAW retold in nearly 50 minutes! They discussed the presentation of the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion to the company, a rematch of Punk vs the Sheild and another vicious spear by Roman Reigns, the continued development of the Wyatts and a shock of shocks… Rowan spoke!, the redemption of Dolph Ziggler beginning, the discolving of Tons of Funk and the Funkadactylsl eaving with someone new, Nikki Bella possibly getting her face kicked into next week and a great main event of Orton vs Daniel Bryan that saw a former champion laid out, but you think you know who it is? Sit back and tune into this week’s edition of RAW Post Show to see; all brought to you by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com!

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