RAW Post Show 01-20-14

We have our number and are just waiting for the countdown on tonight’s edition of the RAW Post Show. Join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate impacts, reactions and feelings on 3+ hours of the Royal Rumble Go-Home edition Monday Night RAW retold in nearly 50 minutes! They discussed ‘The Animal’ Batista’s return to the WWE and how that could be bad news for Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio, Match #… we’ve lost count between Del Rio and Rey Mysterio, Corporate Kane having to publicly apologize to CM Punk for chockslamming him on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan addressing how he fooled Bray WYatt and Bray’s live response, Randy Orton having to face up to his actions from last week and if John Cena got his hands on the Champ, plus much more. So check out this week’s edition of RAW Post Show to see; all brought to you by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com!

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