The Rack 11-15-12

On this week’s edition of The Rack, host Lindsey Ward, her producer Sir Rockin and the Awesome Aussie Mase gave their opinions on all the big stories of the week in Pro Wrestling, including Cody Rhodes’s concussion and the ramifications it may have on Survivor Series, AJ Styles writing an autobiography, CM Punk getting a walk-on role on ‘The Walking Dead’ and more. Plus, we had several host rants about the infamous Punk/Lawler/Heyman incident from last Monday on RAW complete with figures, commentary and reactions to the pre-angle video package and asked where the ‘line’ is now-a-days.

As with every week, The Rack is your weekly home for immediate Impact Wrestling recaps and commentary. On this post-Turning Point edition, we talked about Storm putting his #1 contendership on the line vs Bobby Roode, Aces & 8’s choosing their new victim, the Knockouts Battle Royal, for the #1 contendership to the title, the TV return of the original power couple in TNA in ODB and EY, Angle and Garret Bischoff facing a tag team of Aces & 8’s, Wes Brisco getting a Gut Check next week, Joseph Park going off to wrestling camp, Hardy and aries continuing their fued complete with Hardy inner monologue (yeah, this isn’t old) and the finish where Roode steals Storm’s contendership and so much more!

We also had a final rundown of WWE’s Survivor Series PPV and host/listener pick’ems, a Smackdown preview/review, a recap of TNA’s Turning Point PPV, a discussion about what we are thankful for in wrestling, plus Rack Staples: Tweet of the Week, Spoiler-free Smackdown Preview, Weekly Vent, and the question of the night: “Of Bobby Roode, James Storm and AJ Styles, which man has had a better career in TNA?” Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you partially by and!

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