It’s the ‘Better Late than Never’ on your only excuse be home on a Saturday Night, its CB Radio! Join your hosts Sir Rockin, Subway and Rob, along with special fill-in guests Lindsey and Mase as they talk about the weird, wacky and unusual, including the death of Twinkees (even though they are supposed to last forever), Subway’s desire to play a dancing game and the fact Mase owns 73 PS3 games, Subway preparing for his return to the ring and what “toys” he is preparing to have ready for the event (CB Radio 2×4 anyone?), the update on Subway’s Carnie goldfish (SPOILERS: it hasn’t ended well), Subway and Rob failing at WWE trivia, and had host/listener Pick’em for tomorrow’s WWE Survivor Series PPV. We also discussed a British boy who was banned by his school from growing a moustache for charity, a man who had olive oil injections in his penis and then had to have it removed due to infection, and a Ohio teen that almost got off the hook for weed but it all went up in smoke when he asked for one more joint. We also had played some games of A-to-Z Simpsons and Name that Cartoon Villain! All of this and more on CB Radio, your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, brought to you by!

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