Wake Up Call 01-04-13

Alien Abductee and co-founder of ICAR, Joe Montaldo joined Johnny Kashmere from New Orleans for his “Wake-Up Call” this week to discuss a multitude of topics including the International Center for Alien Research, his experiences with being abducted by extraterrestrials, what kinds of events led him to be involved into his studies on aliens, jis involvement with MUFON, the Betty and Barney Hill case and his reevaluation of the findings, reptilian aliens and their effect on humankind, and more! This 2-hour interview has to be heard to be believed! For more information on ICAR, go to www.icar1.com or you can also visit Joe’s personal website at www.alienenigma.com. You can also hear archives of Joe’s “UFO Undercover” show on www.paranormalradionetwork.org.

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