RAW Post Show 01-28-13

It was a night of oddities and post-PPV aggression on the “Raw Roulette” edition of the RAW Post Show. Hosts Lindsey Ward, Sir Rockin and Mase discussed and recapped all that was the live Las Vegas edition of Monday Night RAW including CM Punk’s temper-filled tirades, John Cena making his decision on which title he will go for at Wrestlemania and was then laid low by the Shield, the vicious attack by Big Show against both Del Rio and his loveable sidekick Ricardo, the eye-bleach worthy event of Tensai in lingerie (oh, we WISH we were kidding about this), a Diva Showgirl Lumberjill match (see previous comment), an announcement about the third member of the 2013 Hall of Fame Class, and Paul Heyman’s public performance review by Mr. McMahon which saw not only a reveal about who was behind the Shield and Brad Maddox, but also had a surprising return which left the Chairman out cold and moved us onto ‘The Next Big Thing’ on the Road to Wrestlemania. All this and more on the RAW Post show, brought to you weekly by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com!

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