RAW Post Show 02-04-13

This week on the RAW Post Show, join hosts Lindsey Ward, the producer Sir Rockin, and Mase as they recap and immediately relive all that was on the three-hour live-from-Atlanta “RAW Active” edition of Monday Night RAW. They discussed CM Punk’s intro and the awful botch from Booker T, the battle of two mammoths in Ryback and Cesaro, a Miz TV segment with Paul Heyman that saw an appearance by Vickie Guerrero and included a group prayer/moment of silence for Vince and a Brock Smash appearance that left Miz laying and the set destroyed, Rey Mysterio getting demolished by a returning Mark Henry, more dysfunction by Kane and Daniel Bryan because “words hurt”, the announcement of a HUGE name to the WWE Hall of Fame that has been years in the making, a Raw Active main event that was a WrestleMania rematch of Jericho and Punk and crashed the WWE App (which we heard about over 1 million times) and Brad Maddox calling out the Shield before John Cena could and the explosive ending of RAW that followed. All this and more on the RAW Post Show, brought to you every week by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com

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