RAW Post Show 08-26-13

On tonight’s edition of the RAW Post Show, join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate thoughts and recap 3+ hours of the of Monday Night RAW into a tollerable 50 minutes! They discussed Triple H addressing the Daniel Bryan situation and not only having the Shield as his new bodyguards/security but also giving the new ‘Face of the WWE’ Randy Orton an Escalade, Daniel Bryan giving that Escalde the typical WWE treatment, AJ Lee dressing down the Total Divas from the stage, RVD earning a World Heavyweight Title shot by defeating Alberto del Rio, CM Punk getting a caning from Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel that left his back battered and bruised to say the least, the Wyatts teasing Lindsey YET AGAIN about Kane’s whereabouts and for the main event Daniel Bryan facing off against all of the Shield in a Gauntlet match that did not end well for him and had all the WWE roster on the ramp forced to only watch. All this and much more, so tune into the this week’s edition of RAW Post show to find out, brought to you by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com!

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