RAW Post Show 06-23-14

On tonight’s very special edition of the RAW Post Show, join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate impacts, reactions and feelings on the 3+ hours of the ‘Money In the Bank Go-Home’ Monday Night RAW! They discussed the continuation of the hostilities between Dean and Seth, a very public farewell and surprising cheer for Vickie Guerrero as she was fired by Stephanie and yet got a bit of instant revenge, the Wyatt boys debuting some new music without Brother Bray and winning the mini-war with the Usos (and Rowan licking the title belt to claim it), plus the announcement of who all is part of the second MITB Ladder Match, a show-stealing Intercontinental Title match and so much more. We also had Money in the Bank pick’ems after the card took a bit more shape and helped Lindsey say a fond farewell to Utah, so join us for another edition of RAW Post Show, presented by PWMania.com & “Wrestling Figure Wednesday”!

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