Wrestle Talk Radio 08-17-14

We’re taking German suplexes and making turns on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, join hosts Mase, Tim Stein and the producer Sir Rockin as they gave their immediate recaps and reviews of the WWE pay-per-view SummerSlam just as it goes off the year. They talked about the kickoff to the show, the resolution to what the rules of the ‘flag match’ really were, a lumberjack match that couldn’t keep the participants IN the ring and had an ACTUAL lumberjack in Damien Sandow, a historic night in terms of the company’s titles,a return to the ring 11 years in the making and a turn many might have seen coming and the dismantling main event that left one man thoroughly punished and one standing tall holding the title. All this plus WTR staple: Quick hits; so, fire up the barbeque and enjoy the Summertime classic on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, brought to you by PWMania.com!

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