RAW Post Show 01-19-15

We’ve got one final stop on the route to the Royal Rumble and it’s Raw Reunion on this week’s edition of the RAW Post Show! Join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate thought, reactions and diatribes on the 3+ hours of Monday Night RAW. They discussed the ‘WWE Universe’ voting to put Cena’s title shot at the Rumble up for a chance to get the fired ones their jobs back (#SaveErick), a return by the NWO, The New Age Outlaws and… the APA to help set the Ascension straight in a way only these legends could, a legends panel that saw the World’s Largest Athlete knock out a certain Nature Boy, some typical Klique hi-jinks with the addition of Damien X-Dow, and a main event that saw some people get their jobs back, others feeling the wrath of a Beast Incarnate and the Authority staring down a ‘vigilante’ who once again ruined their plans on his first appearance on RAW EVER! and so much more. So, join the reunion and tune it on this week’s edition of RAW Post Show; presented by PWMania.com & “Wrestling Figure Wednesday”!

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