CB Radio 03-14-15

We’re taking a trek through the nation and movie history on this week on your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, CB Radio! On this week’s edition, join our hosts Sir Rockin , the ‘X-Core Soldier’ Subway and the ‘Godfather of Extreme’ Rob Parks as they discussed the weird, wacky, and the unusual including your weekly dose of #BlameRobs, the sometimes cringe worthy news of the weird, finished up with last week’s movie quiz of ‘Name that Actor’ that went better than expected for our hosts (after Rock gave them clues) and we also learned what each state is best at, which might not necessarily be a good thing So, see where you fall on the map and tune in and find out on Episode 374 of your only excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, CB Radio; found on www.cbradiolive.com and all brought to you by PWMania.com!

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