CB Radio 12-15-12

It’s the final episode EVER on your only excuse be home on a Saturday Night, (at least if you believe the Mayans) its CB Radio! Join your hosts Sir Rockin, Subway, “The Godfather of Extreme” Rob and in a special return appearance Big Daddy Ace, as they paid special tribute, to start the show, to the passing of one of their own, Stewie. They reminisced, remembered and celebrated his life and remembered about the old day of the network. They also talked about the weird, wacky and unusual, including a Florida woman who had her driveway stolen, a woman who cut up her boyfriend because he tried to leave with the last beer, a mother and daughter duo who have a special was of showing affection towards one another…. by doing porn together (by not with each other), an elderly man coming back from Cuba who had 16 birds stuffed in his pants, a robber who called 911 after the person he tried to steal from held him at gunpoint, a jail nurse who could face time herself for offering “services” to a prisoner, plus more. We alsohad a review of host/listener Pick’ems from TNA’s Final Resolution and made picks for tomorrow night’s WWE TLC PPV. All this, plus all more on CB Radio, your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, brought to you by TweakedAudio.com!

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