This week on the RAW Post Show, join hosts Sir Rockin & Lindsey Ward as they recap and immediately relive all that was on the three-hour go-home to Elimination Chamber edition of Monday Night RAW. They discussed Paul Heyman’s attempted resignation and CM Punk begging him to stay which lead to an uncomfortable embrace between the two (uncomfortable for the audience that is), the eye-bleach inducing new tag team of #FunkyFunkyHippos, a new stipulation being added to the WWE Title match this weekend, the possible start of a rift between Booker T and his Assistant GM, all of the Elimination Chamber spots being named and if our favorite dysfunctional tag team made it in together, a Dutch Mantel sighting (as Zeb Coulter, Jack Swagger’s new manager) and the controversial promo he gave, the 3 man team of Super Friends taking down 3MB and later giving The Shield a taste of their own medicine, and confrontation between the Rock and CM Punk to end the show that left one competitor laying, but which one?!? All this and more on the RAW Post Show, brought to you every week by and!

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