Wake Up Call 11-09-12

Alien, Prophecy & Mothman researcher and lecturer L.A. Marzulli joins Johnny this week on the Wake Up Call to discuss a broad range of topics including the presidential election and what the results mean for the country, the current political climate in America and how history and prophecy play a role in it, the Bible and the role Israel plays in a host of ideas including 2012, the Nephilim and their true nature including among the Ancient Egyptians, Aliens and their role in human history and technology, The Mothman and so much more. For more information on L.A. you can visit his website at www.lamarzulli.net or visit his personal blog at lamarzulli.wordpress.com to keep up with the latest from him. All of this brought to you by TweakedAudio.com, “Grab a Pair, Get Tweaked!”

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