Wild Talk Radio Network Wake Up Call Wake Up Call 12-28-12

Wake Up Call 12-28-12

This week on Johnny Kashmere’s “Wake Up Call“, we finished up 2012 by bringing in two exciting guests for our listeners! First up, we had host of SyFy’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” and former FBI Agent Ben Hansen to talk about many topics including accomplishing so much before 36, how the show was created and the idea came about, how he went from being an FBI agent to his current field, what some of his most notable cases were, spotting CGI in faked videos, his knowledge with UFOs and more. Ben can be seen on SyFy’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”, please check your local listings for channel availability and show times.

Johnny was also joined by Physics professor Greg Perugini to discuss astrophysics, strong force theory, the possibility of existence being a simulation, the Higgs Boson particle, the “white powder of gold” theory, the human race as an experiment or part of a cosmic zoo, the idea of multiple universes, black holes and accretion discs, chaos theory and time travel and much more.

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