Wake Up Call 11-23-12

Michael Tellinger Author/TV Producer Michael joined Johnny live from South Africa to talk about many topics including his theory that sound is the source of all things and the source used to move the ancient monolithic stones with ease. Other topics include: Adams Calendar, Stonehenge, Scimatics, The Annunaki, magnetics, global energy grids, mono-atomic gold aka “Mana from heaven”, South African stone circles (over 10million in existence), December 21, 2012, double tauroid vortices, 31degrees Lattitude and much more. His book “Slave Species of The Gods” has been re-released in America and is available in book stores everywhere. This interview is aprox. 90minutes long and Michael makes it go by like it were 20 minutes, he’s a very gifted eloquent speaker who really captivates attention. http://www.MichaelTellinger.com

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