It’s your only excuse be home on a Saturday Night, its CB Radio! Join your hosts Sir Rockin, Subway and Rob, as they talk about the weird, wacky and unusual, including the Godfather of Extreme making his triumphant return to Twitter, the untimely passings this week of Hector Camacho and Larry Hagman and theorizing who will be the third to go, Subway and Rob gaze into their crystal balls and predict who won the American Music Awards (and the answer is almost always Beiber), which lead into an extended look at what exactly a ‘Tyga’ is and how he ‘drops it nasty’ plus Rock played Youtube DJ with unknown artists and Rob finally experiences Gungnam Style! They also played “Name that 90’s One Hit Wonder’ and discussed MTV’s Real World star ‘Puck’ being arrested, a former Price is Right model winning $7.7 million in damages in her lawsuit versus the show, a Swedish woman accused of having relations with skeletons, and a woman who called the police about the Salvation Army bell ringers. All of this, plus everyone’s Black Friday horror stories and more on CB Radio, your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, brought to you by!

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