On this week’s edition of the Raw Post Show, hosts Lindsey Ward, Mase, the producer Sir Rockin and a special appearance of the Spug Guy discussed all the action from this “Championship Celebration” three-hour edition of Monday Night RAW. They discussed the opening with Ryback doing his best Warrior impression and squashing Tensai, the better than expected Barrett/Kingston match which lead to a discussion of the fail that is Barrett’s theme (all of them), Paul Heyman yelling that he wanted balloons, the continuation of AJ/Clar…Cena story line including in-ring make out session with AJ “attacking” Cena and ensuing Cena injury, AJ storming the men’s locker room to get at Dolph (complete with WWE having Lindsey’s full attention), the Anger Buddies making their appearance, and CM Punks celebration to end the show which left Ryback lying as the show faded. Plus, we had the latest news on Cena’s injury and more, brought to you by PWMania.com and TweakedAudio.com!

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