RAW Post Show 12-03-12

On this week’s edition of the Raw Post Show, hosts Lindsey Ward and the producer Sir Rockin discussed all the action from this Shield-heavy edition of Monday Night RAW. They discussed Team Hell No (Anger Buddies) opening the show and being attacked by the Shield after issuing a challenge, AJ facing Tamina in the Diva match of the night, the CM Punk promo which led the Miz to call Paul Heyman a “Walrus” and challenging Punk to take a Lie Detector about Brad Maddox and the Shield’s involvement in his matches, the tag match with Cena/Sheamus vs Ziggler/Show in a TLC Preview, Vince “ puppeting” Vickie into making Cena/Ziggler for the MITB briefcase and adding if Punk lies during the detector session it’ll be Ryback vs Heyman next week. We also had Brad Maddox vs Orton with a special appearance by the Shield, Teddy breaking up a tag team match and having a Fatal Four-way for the US Title thanks to the WWE Universe, and the “main event” lie detector segment with Punk, Miz, The Shield, Kane Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and the Kitchen sink and the Ryback to end the show. All of this and more brought to you by PWMania.com and TweakedAudio.com!

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