It was the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on this week’s edition of the RAW Post Show. Join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey Ward as they tried to make sense and shrink down 3+ hours of Monday Night Raw down to a manageable, bite-sized 45 minutes and give you instant feedback and intellectual analysis on this week’s edition of RAW! They discussed “Brock Smash” and Paul Heyman tearing like an F5 through the WWE Headquarters and Triple H’s office, John Cena participating in some gimmick-infringement and Ryback engaging in his usual awful promo work (see Ultimate Warrior-style promo) setting up a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules, Vickie and her mullet-dress (but NO ONE wants a Vickie ‘Party’, Damien Sandow showing why we love him with a musical interlude for Randy Orton, Jericho and Tons of Funk playing ‘Wrestling with the Stars’ (4 out of 10) , The Shield with their usual dominance and *Dean*, Jack Swagger destroying everyone from the WHC match quite stiffly with a ladder, and Kane vs ‘The Ultimate Ryberg’ in the main event that saw Shield, John Cena and the Dazzler all come to the ring to end the show. All this and much more on this week’s edition of the RAW Post Show, brought to you by and!

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