The Rack 07-24-14

On this week’s edition of the ‘Multi-Time Award Winning’ The Rack, join host Lindsey Ward and the producer Sir Rockin as they discussed all the news that was the week in pro wrestling, including recent health updates on both Jake Roberts and Sheamus, the first public WWE debut of Sting at Comic Con, the announcement of a Daniel Bryan autobiography, the recent re-signings of several TNA talent, the final days of JR’s partnership the WWE coming to an end this week plus much more!

Also, with Comic Con this week, we had a plethora of new figure news and thanks to our friends at ‘Wrestling Figure Wednesdays’, we go over all the latest releases and look at when items should be hitting the market including Battlepacks, Elite figure releases and the debuts/exclusive figures of personalities like Sting, AJ Lee, the Wyatt Family, Corporate Kane, El Torito, the newly independent Shield members and everyone’s favorite cheesier than Velveeta former NXT Champion, Bo Dallas!

They also discussed this week’s editions of NXT from the WWE Network including ‘Prince Pretty’battling through a horrific injury to pick up a victory and prove his #1 contender status, Charlotte putting her NXT Women’s title on the line against former BFF stablemate Saummer Rae, Tag Team Champions The Ascension dominating the tag division again, one of the Rack’s favorite teams The Vaudevillians in action against a returning Sin Cara and Kalysto and NXT Champion facing Rusev in a non-title match that saw shennanigans and left someone ‘Crushed’ so much more.

We also looked at last weekend’s WWE Battleground PPV and gave a full recap and review of pick’ems, along with Rack Staples: Tweet of the Week and Question of the Night ‘Who was your favorite moment from WWE Battleground?’! So, check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack, brought to you by ‘Wrestling Figure Wednesdays’,, and!

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