RAW Post Show 04-21-14

One of our hosts needs to recover after tonight’s edition of the RAW Post Show! Join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate impacts, reactions and feelings on an interesting 3+ hours of the Monday Night RAW in about 45 mins! They discussed The Big Red Machine unleashing the monster on Daniel Bryan as Stephanie McMahon tried to ‘talk him down’ and had the WWE Heavyweight champion taken away on a stretcher (on the same day we learn of the unfortunate news of Bryan’s dad’s passing), the dominance of Rusev continuing and the appearance of the best part of his gimmick so far Lana, a possible tease of a break-up between the Rhodes boys, the continuation of the Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Tournament and how Jack Swagger played a big role in the finish and the ending that saw the fame put John Cena in the main even… against the ENTIRE Wyatt Family and has Bray Wyatt singing and dancing with joy. Want to find out what we mean? Check out this week’s edition of RAW Post Show to find out; all brought to you by PWMania.com and “Wrestling Figure Wednesday”.

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